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Hopefully this will be the first batch of recs; i.e. hopefully I will actually post more recs later.

I am really missing Dark Agenda and Chromatic Yuletide; I feel like the amount of non-Western fandoms has dropped precipitously, and I feel really bad for requesters who ask for non-Western fandoms and get defaulted on, because those requests seem to get snatched up slowest on the pinch hit list =(. This is, btw, not a complaint to the [community profile] dark_agenda mods, who are terribly overworked with Kaleidoscope alone, but just a general complaint about the trend I am seeing, since it means less fic for me.

Revelation (Angel Sanctuary) - (warning for canon-level gore and imagery) FOR MEEEEE!!!! My beloved Angel Sanctuary has fic this year! And it is a rewrite of Biblical Revelations! With six-headed machines of death and over-the-top language that is just like Yuki Kaori art and the world and details about the battle between Heaven and Hell, complete with horsemen and the seven sins. The "over-the-top," by the way, is totally a plus, given that it is ANGEL SANCTUARY. I cackled with delight while reading descriptions of organs dripping blood and deadly immortal swords and jezebel eyes. *pets story and fandom*

Dreams from My Mother (Black Jewels trilogy) - (warning for canon levels of sexual violence) I always want dark fic that doesn't cross into angsty h/c land for this fandom, since it is already so idtastic in itself, and I am so happy to get a meaty story for Wilhelmina. This shows her as her own person, separate from Jaenelle, growing into her own strength, and it fleshes out her dead mother, which was something I've never thought of wondering about and am really glad someone else did.

The Rube Suit (Glitch) - Oh Glitch, I miss you! This probably hit me hardest out of all the fic this year, just because my game closed =(. I love the explanation for the Rube, along with all the details of the world that somehow fit in the bizarre Glitch recipes and resources while feeling just right, and the longing of all the Glitchen for Ur so echoes my own.

Kushiel's Fall (Kushiel's Legacy) - Great grumpy Favrielle voice, with a great romance to boot. I actually really want to read more about Favrielle and Julien now. And I really like how the fic deals with the ideas of ugliness and beauty that are never quite satisfactorily addressed in the books, and I so heart the costume choices.

Humans Can Become Anything (Monster) - Runge fic! There's a quietness to most post-Monster fic that I like, and this is no different. I particularly love how Runge's calculating mind still works the same way, but that he's also learning to apply it to things like cooking and his family, and I am so happy to see how Grimmer's influence is still being felt.

Die ente magd (Princess Tutu) - The Princess Tutu characters are now in the Goose Girl, and Rue in particular gets her due. So happy to get a Rue fic where all the characters are fighting for her, and this weaves the meta into the fairy tale in a way that feels very organic to the fic. I also have a soft spot for this, since Goose Girl was one of my favorite fairy tales growing up, and I love what the fic does with the ending.

The Yellow Rose of Mystery & Other Wonders of the World (Shoujo Kakumei Utena) - UTENA! Back in Yuletide, WHOO! This is my favorite of the batch, though just having 7 (SEVEN!) stories to choose from is BEST. I love this one for the wonderful Nanami and Anthy voices, as well as all the shoutouts to various cracktastic Nanami episodes.

Songs for the Jingwei Bird (Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio, Chinese Mythology) - A lovely set of stories about transformation and imagination that feel very much like the story about Zhuangzi dreaming about being a butterfly, and the ending was unexpected and wonderful.

2011 Yuletide:

Having the Constitution for It (Enchanted Forest Chronicles) - I think I found this via [personal profile] kate_nepveu. Also, yay fantasy story that relinquishes the monarchy for a republic! And I love how all the characters go about doing it, and the final results.

Also, I am a terrible person who defaulted (fandom proved too difficult for me to write, sigh) and then wrote a full-length treat and a Madness treat. Feel free to guess re: me and others. I'm not sure I've found anyone's yet...
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Sigh. I wanted to get these up before the reveal went live. FWIW, these are my recs pre-reveal? And then I wanted to get it up, period. So here, have some excellent fanworks in tiny fandoms before Yuletide brings down AO3!

First, I got Many faces of Tsao Wen, an awesome, awesome icon set from [archiveofourown.org profile] sinngrace for Dòu máah dáan | 刀馬旦 | Peking Opera Blues! Thank you so much OMG! I am just so excited someone created a fan work for this movie! And not just that, but Brigitte Lin as Tsao Wen being hot like whoa! I still can't pick a favorite outfit or pose because I keep changing my mind! Oh man. I wish she were in Takarazuka, wahahaha.

[archiveofourown.org profile] dhobikikutti, Henson and Ootah's GR8 Adventurs (Arctic Expeditions RPF/Texts from Cephalopods fic) - Um. I have no words people. You may need a passing familiarity with the persons of Arctic Expeditions RPF or Texts from Cephalopods, and other than that, this is sheer crack. I just. PEOPLE. HENSON AND OOTAH ARE CEPHALOPODS.

[archiveofourown.org profile] Carmarthen, A Branch in the Wind Cannot Find Peace (Dí Rénjié | 狄仁傑之通天帝國 | Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame fic) - Whoo! Wu Zetian's POV, and she is scary and icy and touching and full of regret. I love that sense of passion and emotion under fierce restraint, the kind where every tiny gesture is laden with meaning. Spoilers for the movie.

[archiveofourown.org profile] reapingfolk, Jezebel (Gyeongseong Scandal | Capital Scandal vid) - Cha Song Joo vid!!!! Basically, Cha Song Joo is awesome. Love how the vid shows her relationship with Wan and Yeo Kyeong and Geun Deok and Young Ran as well as with Su Hyeon. Warning: SPOILERS LIKE WHOA.

[archiveofourown.org profile] Izilen, Shining Bright (Hourou Musuko | Wandering Son icon set) - Really lovely and vibrant icons from Hourou Musuko. I've only read a single volume, but I like the art style a lot.

[archiveofourown.org profile] Qem, Hourou Musuko Icons - These are hazy and watercolored, in comparison to the above icon set, and it works equally well. The feel of it reminds me a bit of the Honey and Clover anime.

[archiveofourown.org profile] Rhi, A Day (Week Month Year) in the Life (Scott Pilgrim icon set) - This is so cool! So I don't know Scott Pilgrim much at all, but I just love that it takes recontextualized scenes from outside sources and scenes from the movie and the comics to tell a story via icon set! I don't think I have ever seen that before.

[archiveofourown.org profile] DoubleCorncake, Knives Chau and the Paradise Kiss Makeover (Scott Pilgrim/Paradise Kiss art) - I am totally biased, because I had some amount of input in this, but best crossover ever! I love the colors and how recognizable all the Paradise Kiss characters are, even in Scott Pilgrim style, and I am especially happy that Knives Chau gets her own happy ending, complete with awesome clothes.

[archiveofourown.org profile] sanguinity, Talk Don't Matter (Smoke Signals vid) - I really really really need to watch the source now! I love the developing relationship between Thomas and Victor, and I really need to get a hold of the song now.

[archiveofourown.org profile] ambyr, Women's Words (Sun Sword fic) - This has everything I loved from the Annagar parts of the series. Diora is so careful, so subtle, as she always has been, and yet, there are the most minute of changes. And the Serras continue to write their letters that are beneath the notice of others and game changing all the same.

And okay, this wasn't for Kaleidoscope, but it does fit the collection criteria:

[archiveofourown.org profile] ryfkah, Five Times Kyoko Did Not Expect Fannish Shipping Explosions (Skip Beat! fic) - Kyoko stars in adaptations of various popular fanworks (Ex. Magical Boy Wizard Harry and I am not spoiling the rest for you). Kyoko is affronted by fan reactions. I nearly die laughing. I am not sure which adaptation is my favorite, because they are all so wonderfully perfect, but I think for now I'll go with #3 and #5.
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Owning an ereader has been so wonderful in that I have started reading long and epic fic again! I think I lost patience with most long fic in college, due to the strains of reading it on an LCD monitor, but now, downloading them to my ereader means the length is worth it.

I currently grab stuff from AO3 or use Fanfiction Loader to convert things on ff.net. I also seem to be very in gen or gen with sides of romance lately, and I really haven't been feeling the white cis men slash.

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Er, better late than never, one hopes?

Fandoms: Effluent Engine, Journey to the West, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, Coffee Prince, Sultana's Dream, Pacifics, Chak De! India, Saving Face, Capital Scandal, Half World, Detective Di, Red Cliff, 20th Century Boys

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I have finally seen the last movie! I have no real commentary, as I had completely forgotten everything from the books, save the endless forest scenes from the first movie. As it were, I kept leaning over and asking people, "Was that in the book too?!"

And now I want fic! I haven't read HP fic since probably around 2005 or so, so older recs are good as well.

Things I am looking for:
  • Snape backstory. Snape/Lily and AUs also good.
  • Lily getting to be an actual person instead of a love interest or a dead mother.
  • Narcissa
  • Luna and/or Neville, either character studies (especially with Neville's parents! Or Longbottom backstory), or ship fic. I could probably ship them with nearly anyone.
  • Stuff complicating the Slytherins, since I don't believe the entire house could be evil. That said, I am not a Draco fan, nor am I interested in Harry/Draco.
  • Dystopic AUs under Voldemort rule or backstory from the last time he was in power, preferably with a focus on the women instead of the Marauders.
  • McGonagall being awesome.
  • Stories about Hogwarts in the seventh book, particularly during the events when all we see in the book is Harry, Ron and Hermione in the forest. Students and professors rebelling, like in OotP, etc. Stories about Hogwarts right after the big climax in the end also good.
  • Stories about the wizarding world recovering from Voldemort.
  • Politics in the Ministry of Magic.
  • What's going on in the rest of the world as Voldemort climbs to power again.
  • Something really complicating the human vs. non-human dynamics in the books, especially re: the house elves.
  • Female friendships in the books.

I am not looking for most ship stories (I make an exception for Luna and/or Neville, and also for femslash). I'm fine if there's shippy stuff happening in the fic, but I'd rather that not be the focus of the story. I am also not a fan of teacher/student fic, unless it is post-Hogwarts. I'm not particularly interested in more about Harry, Ron, Draco, Dumbledore, Remus, Sirius, or James. I do want more about Snape, but I like Snape as a complicated, petty, heroic, cruel character.

Basically, I want things that expand on the worldbuilding. I love the history in the books, the generations lost to battles with Voldemort, the politics in the Ministry, the sense of bigotry and oppression and rebellion. I like stories of ordinary people being extraordinary. I have a weird liking for Hermione and Snape, but less as a ship and more as intellectual interaction. I love the HP series, but I also want to complicate it and poke holes at it and critique and put more layers in.
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I sadly have almost no recs this Yuletide, largely because I've only spent a few hours browsing around the archive. Mostly I tried to go through the Chromatic Yuletide 2010 collection first, but given that I spent all of the first half of my sister's visit writing (and rewriting, and researching, and despairing of, and occasionally giving up on) my story, I felt kind of guilty abandoning her to Yuletide for the second half as well.

That said, OMG people!! My gift fics!!!! I have not one, not two, but THREE stories for my random wuxia reincarnation Jay Chou music video request (link goes to my pimping post with the music video itself, lyrics, and translation). And another bittersweet and food-full fic for xxxHolic!

In the order they show up on my gifts page:

The Summer Triangle (Qing Hua Ci (Music Video)) - OMG BEST THING EVER! I want everyone to read this because you really don't need to know much about the source (reincarnation!), and if you do want to know the source, here you go! It's only four minutes long! Vase ex machina!

I love love love how the story takes the over-the-top ridiculousness of the music video and makes fun of it, that even though the vase snarks, it still wants the lovers to get together, that the vase has its own tragic backstory. I love the references to cdramas and ubiquitous pop music and the hair and wind machines and giant training sequences of wuxia movies and Macross and Jay Chou's totally over-the-top emotastic music that is everywhere, I love the interstellar war (I so want more of that story too!), I love that the fic gives so much agency and coolness to Yan Yu, who mostly just lounges about prettily in the original vid! I cannot wait to see who wrote this, and I'm dying to see what the writing process was behind this (I am sure it is hilarious!) and to see all the references I got or missed! I keep wanting to point out all the little things in here and how I appreciate all that thought and effort going into what feels like an effortless piece, but then I get distracted and flail and squee and exclamation point! SO AWESOME! INCOHERENT SQUEE!

Here, I'm going to skip ahead a little. Yes, there's a pretty great story about how he battled his way through mountains and forests, nearly died at the hands of bandits before meeting an Immortal who nursed him back to health, and finally, his tests of courage at the temple in order to obtain me, but this is the thing. It's a really long story and you don't have the time right now. You'll just have to wait for the 40-episode drama to come out next year.

I Wait for You (Qing Hua Ci/Bride with White Hair) - OMG people I saw the one-line description for this ("In a post-apocalyptic future, a boy with an illness that forces him to live as a virtual bubble boy meets a feral mutant girl living in the forbidden woods.") and the two fandoms and started flailing incoherently! This is more Bride with White Hair than "Qing Hua Ci," though again, I want everyone to read this because you don't need to know much about the source (reincarnation!) except that in the original, she can kill with her hair and was raised by wolves, and that theirs is a tragic forbidden love.

There is so much in here to squee about! The cracktastic and yet absolutely awesome worldbuilding! Exiled mutants! Piles of baby bones! A giant dome that keeps everyone trappedsafe inside! But what I actually love best is how despite the cracktasticness of both original sources and the fic's world, the interaction between the boy and the girl in the fic is just as real and touching as it was in the movie. I especially love the girl's many incidences of "You humans are strange and yet interesting" as she tells the boy his mutation sucks, offers him raw catfish, and then tells him to bring her more food! And I'm so glad that he doesn't break her heart the way he does in the movie, that he saves her by being vulnerable, the tiny mention of his life opening like a flower at the end instead of forever sitting in the snow guarding it.

The Dome wasn't entirely sealed off, of course: there were the pipes which brought captured rainwater to the filtration plant, the hundreds and thousands of tiny holes which allowed air to pass in and out, and the terrible Exile Gate through which mutant babies and children and even the occasional long-undiscovered adult were thrust out, never to return. The boys and girls whispered that the white piles of baby bones rose so high on either side of the Exile Gate that a tall man couldn't see over them.

In a Chinese Landscape (Shan Shui Hua Li) (Qing Hua Ci/Bujold's Cetaganda and Vorkosigan) - Again, one in which I don't think you need to know the canon to read! I actually haven't read the Bujold books, but the fic is lovely by itself. Also, even though the notes say the fic isn't wuxia and is only incidentally space opera, it feels like wuxia in space, especially the focus on forbidden love and honor. I love the prose in here, the way it manages to evoke Chinese brush paintings and Song ci and Ming porcelein while still being set in space, the way ancient China and another lifetime in the wuxia world fits with spaceships and the art of genetics and airlock doors.

I have seen it not only as it is, but as a memory of clay, mould, brush on unfired porcelain. Perhaps a child's story of our ancestors' artistry when the rest of the world was content with porous earthenware, as advanced then as our genetic is art now. Art will progress; the older things fall away. How few of our ladies' works will survive for three thousand years?

Living Memory (xxxHolic) - This is a lovely fic that is set post-series (I think? I haven't actually finished), and it's so nice to see Watanuki and Kohane again, especially cooking! I love how it goes into the process of cooking and the way it ties food with memory and remembering, both new friendships and old in the background.
Watanuki looked up from the sea bream he was cutting. "Then it's time to add the first ingredients, Kohane-chan. Do you remember which ones?"

"Mushrooms," she said, picking up the bowl of sliced shiitake. "And the clams ... and shrimp ... and scallions ... and cabbage. And that fish."

Recs of the few things I have managed to read!

Persuasion to Joy (Mulan 2009) - This is the fic I wanted after I watched the movie, and I am so glad that the Rouran princess gets her own story, and that it's a quiet and gentle and happy one, despite the intial culture shock and difficult adjustments.
She does not have a name. She will always be the barbarian princess who took away the youngest, most beloved prince. She climbs to the tallest reaches of the palace walls, watches the stars turn in their steady paths, and does not cry.

This story, she thinks, will have a happy ending.

The Opening of Coffee Princess (Coffee Prince) - So cute! It totally makes me want to rewatch the drama, and I love that even though it's about Eun-chan and Han-gyeol, it fits in so many of the other characters, including Eun-sae and Seon-gi, which is particularly appropriate given the shift from coffee princes to coffee princesses.
“For you, my Chan!” Ha-rim announced before looking around the café. “Wah, looks nice! Of course, it’s all due to my guidance. You should have seen this place before, Eun-chan, before I came onto the consulting team! It was all the wrong image! Now it has the proper feminine touch.”

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And Gladly Teach (Kristin Cashore - Graceling) - Graceling fic! I love getting more of Katsa/Po, particularly how the two of them are learning each other's Graces more. And politics! A believable look at what the future may hold for the two of them and how they're trying to negotiate the new world they've partially helped set up.
The next morning Katsa watched two children demonstrate how to stab each other, and had never been happier.

Thousand Voices, One Fight (Janelle Monae - Metropolis) - So far, one of my favorite stories from this Yuletide. I love the resistance and the fight and the struggle and how the author keeps tying it back to our own history, I love the reclamation of the color black, I love how the fight continues on and how it's about all these people speaking or staying silent and continually struggling. And oh, those last two paragraphs are absolutely perfect.
Your ancestors sang in the plantations. They danced after the sun went down. They would not be silenced.

Strange Language (Song of Ice and Fire) - I don't remember the character of Missandei from the books at all, but this is her story, from slave to translator, and Dany's as well. I love the two women together and the way it is about trying to make your way in a hostile world and having to make all the difficult choices simply to survive. And I love the understanding the two have at the end, former slave and queen both struggling, but now with another ally.
It was harder to learn to be free than it had been to learn to be a slave. The rules were less clear.

Revisionism (Princess Tutu) - I thought it would be hard to get more meta than the series itself, and yet, someone has! A new version of Drosselmeyer's "The Prince and the Raven" has been found, and the D. D. Dosselmeyer Literary Institute has a special article in their newsletter on what this new addition to the canon means, with quotes from some familiar characters.
Rejoice, aficionados, and gather 'round! -- it is with the utmost pleasure that we of the D.D. Drosselmeyer Literary Institute announce the discovery of a new manuscript.

The Loved Girl (A Portrait in Tabloids) (Skip Beat) - I so hope the manga takes this path! Sho, Ren, and Kyoko are all in the same drama, and Kyoko's having a bit of a hard time portraying her character. What follows is acting advice, Kyoko being clueless, and Ren and Yashiro both being long suffering, just like the canon.
It is Josei Seven's best selling issue of the year, and on the morning when it officially reaches the newsstands, LME's head offices receive an unprecedented amount of calls asking for verification or denial (or any comment at all) regarding Ren and Kyoko's suspected relationship.

Area Codes (Skip Beat) - I'm still so glad last year's Yuletide story made me start reading Skip Beat again. This has Kyoko's giant sparkly eyes, Moko being long suffering and annoyed, and a lot of phone calls. I love the friendship between the two girls so much.
Kanae gapes at her phone. "You're the heroine of a manga, aren't you?"

Color All Days Blue, But Save One for Many Colors (Flowers in the Attic/Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series) - Bwahahahaha! Another Flowers in the Attic crossover! Only this time with Nalini Singh of all things!
Once I thought hope was yellow, like the sunlight we never saw.

Bloom (Paradise Kiss) - Paradise Kiss fic! And starring Isabella too! This is quiet and lovely, and I'm so glad Isabella at last gets her own story.
Ten years and lots of bleeding in between (figuratively, except when they run out of thimbles); ten years, and still more to come, Isabella knows.

all your heart-melodies (Lilo & Stitch) - LOVE. Bittersweet and then just plain sweet, and I love grown-up Lilo. LOVE.
Stitch shows her how to build plasma guns (Nani puts them on a high shelf), how to rig up a can opener and a radio into a machine that will open a portal to an alternate universe (Nani says she can't do it in the house) and how to first swallow and then regurgitate useful objects, like handcuff keys or quarters (Nani, though disgusted, can't help but be impressed).

I Cannot Promise (Robin McKinley - Deerskin) - Quiet and gentle and a wonderful epilogue to the book.
And slowly, but surely, those raw edges healed, a little crookedly, like Ash's wound, inexpertly stitched and still painful to the touch, but healed nonetheless, and Lissar was more and more comfortable in her role in the castle.
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Four Conversations Song Joo Never Had and One Conversation She Did (Capital Scandal) - My gift fic, and it is awesome, awesome, awesome! It has everything I wanted from a Song Joo fic, from her friendships with Wan and Yeo Kyeong to her and Su Hyeon, along with tidbits of Korean history and freedom fighting as well! I love that the story doesn't gloss over the difficulties to come even as it dwells on happy moments. I don't have anything else to say except EEEEEEEE! MY STORY! In my fandom that I thought would never have fic in it! I love it so much! (spoilers in the fic for Song Joo backstory, spoilers in comments for the series)
But for this night—this single perfect night, she does not want to think of the Americans or the Russians. For this one night, all she wants to do is be thankful that the Japanese have surrendered and that both she and Soo Hyeon are still alive.

She Is Sun Shangxiang (赤壁/Red Cliff) - And someone wrote me a treat too! I am so happy that both of my gift fic this year are on awesome Asian women! I am always terrible at describing my gift fic because all I want to do is squee and post lots and lots of exclamation points. Anyway, it is my favorite character from the movie, and the author gets all her passion and her love for her country and her heroism!
This is what she cares about: she cares about the strength of the bow in her hands, carved and curved and humming with tension.

Witch (LJ Smith - Night World) - Poppy's twin Phil learns to deal with the Night World. It's got almost all the characters in it, and I especially love seeing the glimpses of people's lives after their books without it feeling like an overcrowded romance sequel. Also, Blaise!
The others have risked everything for love. He's going to do it for family. Including the one who's no longer human, even if she has a soulmate.

Tactical Dispositions (赤壁/Red Cliff) - This follows up on the ending of the movie and how Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu must reluctantly side against each other. Also, another duet on the qin!
"If Heaven has made Yu, why then Liang as well?" Zhou Yu interrupted sharply, growing impatient with his ruler's obstinacy.

Faces in Fire (Ann Maxwell - Fire Dancer series) - I don't remember too much of the books, but wow, this has the smouldering (sorry for the pun) UST between Kirtn and Rheba just right. I only wish there were more of it!
The gold eyes meet hers, and she feels again the rush of heat, akhenet lines smouldering in untrammelled fire, her breath caught hot in her throat as though sucked from her lungs. Carefully, Rheba reins in the heat, knowing that her Bre'n will advocate control.

Incorrigible (V.C. Andrews - Dollanganger series/Madeleine L'Engle - Kairos series) - Yes, yes you read those fandoms right. It is a crossover of Flowers in the Attic and A Swiftly Tilting Planet! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! I am probably going to hell just for reccing this. But OMG! The L'Engle pastiche is pretty good, as is the V.C. Andrews one (the "golly gosh"! The tone-deaf exposition-y dialogue!), there is a harpsicorn (you have to read it to find out), and it is hilarious! I also was torn between quoting from the fic and the author's note, which had me giggling hysterically.
Pairings are canonical. There is no Murrycest, because I am not V.C. Andrews. There is a nonhuman OC that does not participate in any shippy activity.

This was a pinch-hit. I did not upload this as a last-minute treat. Therefore I have no excuse for what I have written. I could have looked for a beta, and the beta could have talked me out of this, but noooooo.

in those that wait (L.M. Montgomery - A Tangled Web) - I've always had a giant soft spot for Hugh and Joscelyn in the book, and this is a lovely epilogue to their story.
"You must hate me."

"Bitterly," Hugh said, as he dropped a tender kiss on her forehead. "I can barely stand the sight of you." His eyes twinkled with a light that hadn’t shone for a decade, incandescent with joy.
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I have been in Shanghai basically since the Yuletide archive went live, and while I was able to sneak away to an internet cafe to frantically download stories every day, I forgot about the Great Firewall of China and how it keeps out LJ! In other news, I think this made me skip over a ton of stories I would have otherwise liked, because the feeling of your mother waiting for you to finish your email ("How can you take so long every day checking email?" and I was not about to explain Yuletide to her) is not conducive to fic appreciation!

That said, I got not just one, but TWO Sancia/Alfonso Cantarella stories! AWESOMESAUCE! I made squealing squeeing noises and flapped my hands about in glee just because two people (or possibly one?) wrote my favorite characters from one of my favorite crack gothic shoujo series!

The first is If I Could Move Time, and it has Alfonso yearning and Sancia being guarded and wary and bonus reincarnation (whoo!). I love that it captures how constrained by politics and their own fears and desires they are, but mostly, Alfonso/Sancia yaaaay!
She does not dream at night, or imagine a place where it is possible to be loved and be more than a pawn. Where it is possible to have a love that does not need to be broken or looked down upon, where politics and birth do not determine their fate, where it is possible to be happy and free.

The second is Under Light, which has twelve-year-old Alfonso and fourteen-year-old Sancia and sex and is disturbingly creepy in a good way. My favorite thing about it is that it follows with the series and doesn't punish or look down on Sancia for having sex, and I love that wee!Alfonso thinks she's amazing no matter what.
But nothing he's heard helps, because right now, even in this dimly lit old servant's corridor, Sancia is breathtaking.

Her head is tilted back and she's smirking up at the man, so much confidence it makes his heart ache.

The Work of Chemists (Skip Beat!) - I gave up on the series a while ago, but I think I will have to pick it up again now. OMG. So this fic? Is hilarious. I would have been on the floor, howling, had I not been reading around one in the morning and trying not to wake up my entire family. It so amazingly perfectly captures Kyoko's narrative voice, and I love love love the over-the-top shounen "I must try harder to devote all I can to acting" and her plummeting from the heights of joy to the depths of despair to her cluelessness and just everything! And it has Moko-Kyoko too! I am just pulling out a single quote, but I honestly want to quote the entire fic.
Kyoko's heart was racing happily. She had been invited to visit Moko at home! Their friendship was growing stronger and deeper before Kyoko's very eyes! Would they braid one another's hair? Perhaps she and Moko could give one another a makeover? Or! Or Moko might open her heart to Kyoko, and shyly share her secret thoughts!

Azumanga Daioh's Romeo and Juliet (Azumanga Daioh) - This manages to perfectly capture the four-panel pacing of the original, with the addition of a delicate, understated romance (at least, as delicate as Tomo ever gets...). It's got great lines for all the characters, and I particularly love the Tomo. And the Osaka. And Ms. Yukari. And and... all of them, really!
"I tried to get into the movies once," Osaka replied. "It didn't work."

"You?!?" Yomi said with her mouth hanging open. "Did your parents try and get you in a commercial when you were a kid? Is your uncle a movie producer?"

"No, I just walked right up to the screen. But it turns out it's just a big piece o' cloth..."

and if they are not dead (Monster) - This is a lovely post-series fic full of tension and fear and ultimately the same forgiveness and humanity that the series shows, and just like the series, it's about what makes us monsters, but more importantly, what makes us human.
She takes the postcard upstairs to her flat, then searches for the other two while the kettle heats up. She fills a French press and, while the coffee is brewing, pins all three postcards to the board above her desk, isolated a little apart from the clippings of Dieter's team and the take-out menus. And then, gazing at the three sketches, she unwraps the last of the bread from Paris, pours a cup of coffee, and tips five spoonfuls of sugar into her cup.

The sugar is sweet. The bread is good.

Cinderella, Made of Steel (Sarah Connor Chronicles) - My favorite of the SCC stories this year. This gets Cameron-voice absolutely perfect, and just like Cameron, the fic is heart-warming, funny, sad, and terrifying, often at the same time. And while it's mostly about Cameron, it's also about Sarah and what she's lost, with Derek and John as lovely grace notes.
"Be quiet as you go up," says Cameron. "Sarah has not been sleeping well."

"Thanks," says Reese. "I don't want to be shot."

Cameron does not want him to be shot either. He would require medical attention. That would be bad. He might die. That would be worse. Cameron has not allotted time in her schedule for disposing of a body. She does not say this.

the sandwich story (Calvin and Hobbes) - Waaaah! This made me cry. When I was a kid, I named every single one of my stuffed animals and loved them and made them houses out of blankets and my sister and I would never buy just one (stuffed animals must be bought in pairs, so they will be each others' best friend). Now I'm back home, and I've forgotten the names of the newest, the ones bought closest to teenagerhood, and they all sit in the closet, gathering dust. This fic is about that.
"Hobbes," Calvin says thoughtfully, perched on the sharply slanted roof outside his bedroom window. "Have you always been around?"

Hobbes looks very wise and takes a large bite of his tuna sandwich. His reply is muffled and incomprehensible around the food.

Calvin takes this to mean that Hobbes doesn't know, either.

5 Things Olive Snook Never Thought and One Thing She Did (Pushing Daisies) - A lovely little treat with Olive, Ned, and Chuck, and no quote for this, since it's so short.

Wearing the Sod Gown (Castle in the Sky) - I love Yuletide for giving me stories in fandoms I never would have thought of! It's been years since I've seen the movie, but all the same, this fic is wonderful. Like many of the other pieces I'm enjoying most this year, this is a wonderful coda to the series, and I really want this to be canon.
"People who can be free shouldn't, and the ones that should are chained to the earth until it's too late," he said.

Whole New World (Aladdin) - The genie, post-series, and the people who keep shaping your life and make-shift families (my favorite kind).
He wonders, sometimes, what freedom is worth, if he always returns to the same place; but Agrabah isn't just a place. For the brief and golden time that it exists (and relatively, for Genie, it is brief), it's home.

One Thousand and One and Counting (One Thousand and One Arabian Nights) - I am not entirely sure this fic makes sense without the request ("A woman tells stories to a man at night - stories that keep her alive. Let it matter that much."), but I love the interpretation of the prompt and the anger in the story along with the celebration of so many cultures.
"Yes, you are here to help," she agrees amiably. Keep him engaged, throw any tall tale at the monster to pacify him. "My sister," second cousin on her mother's side, actually, but English does not have a specific word for that, "says that as well. She wishes..."

Red Sky by Morning (Mythology - Chinese) - I wish I remember the Matsu (Mazu) legend more so I knew what this story was doing with it, but I love just seeing this in the archive and remembering hearing stories of her in history class back in grade school.
Until the world narrows to this, this point, this moment where she's standing by the harbor rocks, watching for ships at sea, blood-red clothes like a shout against the gray of sea and sky.

Fools and Their Money (Antique Bakery) - Bwahaha! Chikage being Chikage.
Chikage had picked an agricultural chemicals company that traded on the Nisei because according to him, it looked lonely. Tachibana set up a computerized trading account and bought him four shares, and that should have been that.

One Minute, Counting (Pushing Daisies) - Emerson! The coroner! A premise that is absolutely awesome.
And then he really was done. He swallowed. Goodbye uncomfortable metal slab, he thought. Goodbye Knit-Wit magazine and the sweet smell of yarn and the soft click-click-click that needles made when you got into a rhythm. Goodbye fresh crisp checks in the mail.

The Queen's Wedding Night (Attolia series) - Someone wrote sex in the Attolia universe and it worked! Giant spoilers for the second book, and I love that this fic has so much unsaid and so much hurt. No quotes for spoiler reasons.
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First, someone wrote me a remix of one of my first pieces! Go read Chancing Happiness (The Red, Red Wine Remix), which is a Hakkai/Gojyo story that nicely explores Gojyo's side of things and has the two broken people that I love.

I wrote:

Spoilers: Through volume 3 of the manga and episode 12 of the anime
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Summary: "We, amnesiacs all, condemned to live in an eternally fleeting present, have created the most elaborate of human constructions, memory, to buffer ourselves against the intolerable knowledge of the irreversible passage of time and the irretrieveability of its moments and events." - Geoffrey Sonnabend
Notes: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] etothey for the beta and [livejournal.com profile] xsmoonshine for writing in this tiny fandom!

Read Obliscence and the Plane of Experience (the Rememory Remix)

Some commentary, same spoilers as for the fic )
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Naamah's Token (Kushiel series) - I've always enjoyed Phedre and Joscelin's odd, thorny, difficult, yet ultimately satisfying romance, particularly how it turns romance conventions of the promiscuous man and the chaste woman on its head. As such, I love that this fic is about the push-pull of Phedre's sexual desires, and I particularly love the scene between Nicola and Joscelin.
I heard the tale told once in Cereus House where I spent my childhood, of how proud Azza and cruel Kushiel wagered a province between them for a night spent in Naamah's arms.

Bentou for Two (Nobuta wo Produce) - I'm not sure if this will work for people who haven't seen Nobuta, but this saved the ending a bit for me. It's Nobuta and Mariko, gradually learning to be friends, and I really needed to read that.
The square flat box, blue with green stripes, held a couple of egg rolls, some boiled vegetables, and a patch of rice with a pig's face drawn onto it with gome seeds.

Scenes from the Lives of Princes (Coffee Prince) - Again, I'm not sure if this will work for people who don't love the canon, but this gives me all the same warm fuzzies that watching Coffee Prince does. Just... awwwwww!
Years after Coffee Princess proves as big a hit as Coffee Prince, they'll be sitting in Han Kyul and Eun Chan's living room after dinner, and Han Sung will say, "Why don't you make the coffee, Han Kyul? Your wife must be sick of it, after doing it all day."

All the King's Men (Cain Saga/Godchild) - This has everything I love about Yuki Kaori's series: poisons, absolutely insane plotting, hot like whoa, and Cain alternately being vulnerable, manipulative, and cruel. Also, zombie priest and dove! Embryonic shrew skull! The crack, I love it so much, and it doesn't hurt that the fic is extremely sexy as well.
Hypnotized by this strange sight, Crehador forgot the terrible suspicion which had brought him to this place, and watched as Cain, with a languorous sigh, let a single drop fall upon his small pink tongue.

Rehearsals (The Scarlet Pimpernel) - I have a giant weakness for The Scarlet Pimpernel, and this fic plays to everything I loved about the original. Percy and Marguerite grow up and learn to dissemble -- Percy's disguises have always been flashier, but I love that the author's Marguerite is so vivid and ruthless as well.
She was an unprepossessing sight that year, sulky mouth dominating her bony young face and straggles of greasy curls covering her eyes and her grimy cheeks - a year or two too young for the whorehouse but that was the most you could say.

Sefirot (Angel Sanctuary) - After this has been recced by several people, I have been saving it as a treat (it has taken me forever to get to the a's). And oh, I love this so much. Kabbalah and snippets from Alexiel's lives and Kira and Setsuna and oh! LOVE! Right now, my favorite section is "Geburah" because I am in love with bloody, icy Alexiel, but it may change any second. It's got reincarnation and sin and desire and I love it SO MUCH.
We spilled entrails and we rejoiced, and I could no longer tell where I ended and you began. Have you read your secret in me? Do you play a deeper game?

Nanatsusaya... am I your master? Or am I but your mistress?

A Taste of You (Angel Sanctuary) - I never thought I would like Kira/Katou, but I love this. I love the focus on taste, the gothic, lush, sinful imagery, the way Kira is cruel and casual, how the author weaves Setsuna and Alexiel into the fic. It also doesn't hurt that it's incredibly hot.
Kira has always liked the taste of cigarettes. He fancies that cancer is a spice, noxious and thickly sweet, one more forbidden fruit in a corrupt life.

Black Moon in the Afternoon Sky (After School Nightmare) - I'm in love with how this manages to capture the creepy, surreal, haunting atmosphere of the canon, with the gorgeous language and imagery, with the extremely hot Ichijo/Sou scenes, and I would rec it just for that. But I love it even more for how it treats Kureha and the penultimate scene, for making her just as important as Ichijo/Sou, for not ignoring her pain and rage and grief and love. If I ruled the universe, this would be how the manga ended.
On the way back, before you push the doors open, you can never stop yourself from wondering if the world ended while you were sleeping; if all you'll find above are the remnants of a holocaust, screaming shadows blasted onto bleached walls, or piles of corpses still bleeding from their open mouths.

The Last Rites of Wednesday Addams (Addams Family movies) - I love this, even though I've only watched bits and pieces of the movies on TV. I love the mother-daughter relationship, poisonings and all, and, ok. It's a rite of passage passed down from mother to daughter for hundreds of years! Involving things like being trapped in an Iron Maiden by choice! There really was no way I wasn't going to like this.
On their 18th birthday, each Nightshade woman is sat down by her mother - or, if her mother is fortunate enough to have been dismembered, eviscerated, set on fire, or otherwise deceased, another suitable Nightshade female - and given the Last Rites.

No, not the quaint little Catholic custom; this is a purely Nightshade tradition, handed down from each firstborn female.

The Walls of Sparta (300) - I wouldn't have read this were it not for [livejournal.com profile] liviapenn's rec; there is a reason why I avoided seeing 300. This reads like the flip side to Luminosity's vid Vogue -- while the vid was about taking on the male gaze, the fic is about the people the male gaze doesn't even see. I love the rage in this, I love that it gives voices back to the women, the slaves, the captives. This is my canon and my story in a way that Frank Miller's work can never be.
Her first husband, she initially thought, had joined the masters. He marched out and had not returned, he died with his oppressors. His friends were forced to the fight just as he was but--Persia! Blessed Persia!--they had run, they had fled and joined the liberators. They were free; she could imagine them with gold and silver, bronze and myrrh.
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The Invisible City; or, Dick Mayhew and his Marvellous Cat (Neverwhere) - I've largely forgotten Neverwhere, which has never been one of my favorite Gaimans, but I love this story. Something is happening to London Below, and the Marquis de Carabas is dragging Richard around to investigate. I love how vivid London is, past and present, Above and Below, and I absolutely adore the ending, which made me scroll right back to the top to reread.
A couple of well-meaning fellow-drinkers had assured Richard very seriously that he had to be sworn in as Freeman of Highgate before he could buy a drink. He was halfway through explaining, with some embarrassment, that he had been the Greatest Hunter In London Below for some years now and he wasn't likely to fall for that one (again) when the Marquis arrived.

The Greatest May Appear the Least (Mushishi) - I think this is my favorite of the Mushishi stories this year. I particularly love that it's about Ginko and the scientific method; if it hadn't been [livejournal.com profile] telophase's gift, I would have suspected her of writing it because of the focus on observation and deduction.
Instead, he sat quietly and idly observed his surroundings.

Interesting: lush vegetation that should, by rights, be stunted and sparse.

Notable: a moon providing as much light as one might find on a stormy day.

Compellingly conclusive: the suggestion of a glow from the greenery reaching upward from the narrow valley.

The Ivory Horn (His Dark Materials) - I can't find a good quote for this one, but this is one of my favorite stories from Yuletide 2007. Will is looking for another way to travel between worlds, and nothing will stop him. I love how creepy this grows, how it doesn't back away from consequences, and oh my god, the concept and execution is simply brilliant. If you had told me about it beforehand, I would have scoffed and said it wouldn't work, but it does, and perfectly so.

The Pen and the Sword (the Anne books) - This is another of my favorites. I have a giant, giant soft spot for Rilla of Ingleside, which is my favorite of the Anne books because of Rilla, in all her practicality and romance and how she must grow up. Rilla and the rest of the Rainbow Valley gang are grown up here, and it's now 1939. I love love love how the voice of this sounds just like the books, I love how the characters are older and wiser and how much it hurts to see them going through another war, and I absolutely adore how brave they all are, even though now the glory of it is gone.
I keep as busy as I can; the old Red Cross has started up again, as if it had never been gone, and I find I can knit a sock as handily as ever I could, but the spice of it has gone; if we must have it all again then we must, but the girl who dreamt of heroes and admired a well-turned-out young man in khaki is gone forever, replaced by a woman who knows only grim necessity and endurance.

Fairy Tale of L.A. (Life) - Short and sweet and pitch-perfect Reese and Crews. I love the last line, which is just so Dani.
"What?" Dani says, still not used to the way Crews starts conversations, like he's tossing a grenade at you and expecting you to play catch.

The Crush of Cthulu (HP Lovecraft) - I don't actually know the Lovecraft canon, but this would have made me snort coffee up my nose, had I been so ill-advised to drink coffee while reading. I think the excerpt speaks for itself.
"The tale I am about to relate is a horrible one. It has dark pacts made with hideous creatures, things too twisted for the human mind to comprehend, and horrors beyond the stars who willfully violate the laws of Euclidean geometry."

The man bent his head down sorrowfully and I could feel the fear still emanating from him. He stood there, for what seemed to be aeons, and I could sense he was trying to build up his strength to tell me something, something that would forever scar my sanity, leaving my mind a pale shadow of what used to be.

He finally raised his head, and in a most doleful and anguished tone, he whispered three terrifying words that indeed, would later send me into a cataleptic state and a prolonged stay in Arkham's most prominent asylum. These words, I remember even now, as he uttered them and then stared at me with agony in his eyes.

"It has sex."

i live my life in growing orbits (Haibane Renmei) - Haibane fic! And it's small and delicate and quiet, just like the series, about recovery and growth and living. It makes me think of spring green tendrils of vine gently unfurling in the sunshine, of bean shoots in newly-turned earth.
What one notices is the coming of spring, not winter's passing. Small things, first: the gentleness of the air on a sunny morning, or the stirring of new leaves, or how the earth, no longer frost-hardened, yields just enough for one's shoes to make their mark.

A Heaven of Blackbirds (Fionavar) - I've always wanted Jaelle's story, and this one delivers. I particularly love that it has both Jaelle the High Priestess and Jaelle the woman, and though it's about the woman in the end, it never shortchanges how important priesthood is and was to Jaelle, how much Dana is woven through her life.
Oh Dana, she cried in the silence of her heart, grieving as she never had before. Why not me?

a solitary blue (Fionavar) - I'm not sure if people who aren't rabid Sharra/Diarmuid shippers would love this as much as me, but Sharra is my favorite character from the books, and I love how this captures her grief and the slow healing, how she is trying to find her wings again.
Her father does not ask her to return to Cathal when he departs in the spring, for which she is grateful: she would rather stay here in Paras Derval, where the memories of gardens are not as sharp.

Tell It Slant (Fray) - Love! I love who is telling the tale, I love the rhythms of the prose, I love how it's about stories and legends and how it connects Mel with Buffy and Faith. It reminds me of that last panel in Tales of the Slayers, of Mel sitting on the table and reading an old book, the ghosts of all the slayers past gathered behind her in solidarity and sisterhood.
After two hundred years, the Slayer's back. She's a silhouette in the city, a shadow in the streets. She's death in the alleys when the moon is dark, hope in the ruins when the rain is cold. She carries a red crescent; it's her best friend and your worst nightmare.

She's the one girl in all the world, that old, forgotten chant.

Tell the story, even if you must tell it slant.
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I got not one, but TWO stories for Yuletide! Awesome!

The Mountain and the Hawk (Ellen Kushner - The House of the Nine Doors) - First of all, OMG OMG OMG! SQUEEE! Someone actually wrote fic for this non-existent fandom, and that alone would send me completely through the roof! But moreso, I love the fic so much! I love getting a look at Eyas' background, I love the additional history and sense of place the author brings to the world, the contrast between the mountains and the city, between Eyas and Gwai, between Vrel and Eyas. And it's hot! Eeeeeee!
The mountains are a ring of teeth surrounding the city, sharp and broken and impassable in most places. They have, at different times in the city's history, been shield and sword, cocoon and cage, boon and bane.

Pipe Dreams (Nana) - And then someone wonderful wrote me a treat for Nana! Yaaaaay! I love how it gets at Punk Nana's vulnerabilities, the ones she doesn't know how to deal with, and I love that it fits in both Cute Nana and Ren, how it takes all those hints in the narration of the manga and makes them text.
His fingers are rough, the tips calloused. Underneath, she feels the lingering traces of soft hands and hesitance, and she arches into his touch, willing the dream to fade.

And now for the other stories! I start my way at the bottom of the alphabet and work my way up.

Houses and Rain (xxxHolic) - I love this fic so much. SO MUCH. I love the bittersweetness of it, the description of chocolate, the assorted spirits trying to be human, and the prickly, grumpy ame-warashi, who I don't actually remember from the canon, but this story makes me want to go back and reread it for all the bits she's in. I love the bits of Japanese folklore and how the little oden fox gets a bit, and did I mention the bittersweet wistfulness?
Foxes always know where to find good paper. It's because they hang out with scholars so much of the time.

Beginnings (Discworld) - Aww! Death, once again lost with those strange human customs.
As the stove began to heat up, he set to work on the tiny lives swarming within the kettle's water, releasing them each as it came closer and closer to boiling.

It was easier to make tea when one considered all the deaths required.

The Birthday of Eternity (Discworld) - Death + the witches! How can it be bad? Also, this has got awesome Nanny Ogg voice, and I love Nanny Ogg to bits. I think the Death-Nanny Ogg conversations may have already slipped into my personal canon, along with Nanny Ogg's topologically odd socks.
Death stared at the jug. It had a little porcelain udder, complete with four ineptly paint-splotched teats. The milk, however, was clearly meant to pour out a hole in its nose. Nanny Ogg did not seem to find it out of the ordinary.

Fiddler's Went A'Courtin' (Sandman) - I was a little wary of the premise, but the author carries it off beautifully. It's Fiddler's Green, in love, but wonderfully, delicately, and gently so.
Life as an occasionally anthropomorphic personification of an imaginary land means not having a particularly subtle subconscious.

Winter Words (The Blue Sword) - The quote I picked for this doesn't really illustrate why I love this fic; its voice is less obvious than some of the prior stories. But it feels like McKinley in how it focuses on the small moments, on the "after" part of "happily ever after," how both Harry and Corlath are trying so hard.
Harry's brother, Richard (who kept his honor so close Corlath at first mistook it for disapproval), spent much of his time in those long halls.

Petition (The Rabbi's Cat) - OMG! OMG! Someone wrote fic for Rabbi's Cat! Someone wrote GOOD fic for Rabbi's Cat! I was almost afraid to read this because I love the original so much, but I love this fic. It gets the rabbi down, but more importantly, it gets the cat perfectly. The cat's cat logic and cat theology is just wonderful.
"Cats know things," I inform him, smugly. It's true; we do. We hear more than people imagine. "Didn't you know, there is a feline Torah, and these are the stories we yowl to one another at night in the alleys of the city."

Once Upon a Bird (Princess Tutu) - I love the language and the imagery in this one, the way it feels like a Brothers Grimm fairy tale, only through a warped mirror.
You follow a trail of shining pebbles, or maybe they are candy eggs, the kind that taste of sugar and cream and fruit from the summer's first harvest, the kind that witches tempt children with. Even in a dream you know better than to stop and taste one, just to see.
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I have been desperately looking for good femslash online, either fic or vids, original or fanwork. So far, I know about [livejournal.com profile] bb_shousetsu's summer specials, the femslash vid show for VVC 2007, and a few random pieces of fic.

So, what are your favorite femslash fic or vids?
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First of all, thanks very much to [livejournal.com profile] xsmoonshine for remixing my story!

I realized that I had never gotten around to reccing the Yuletide pieces that I beta-ed, which is a real shame, because they're both wonderful. So, in the spirit of "better late than never":

  • Stories Darkness Tells You, by [livejournal.com profile] thuviaptarth (Fray) - Harth and Melaka and the monsters within. I love the flow of this one and how informed by fairy tales it is, particularly the fairy tales in which evil sisters chop off their toes and girls in red shoes dance themselves to death.

    Excerpt: When they were very small, they slept in the same bed and dreamed the same dreams; this stopped when they grew big, when the girl began to acquire curves and the boy began to get his height, when the girl began to run with dangerous men and the boy began to dream true.

  • Blood and Ink, by [livejournal.com profile] edonohana (Lloyd Alexander's Westmark trilogy) - It's Theo before, during, and after he becomes the Kestrel, and it touches on the very things that I love most about the Westmark trilogy: what wars do to people, what people do about wars, and what happens when the war is over. I love the voices, both of the characters and of the narration (sausages!), and I love that Theo and Mickle are still trying to figure it all out.

    Excerpt: "It's only ink on paper," said Justin.

    "So is a constitution," said Florian.

And now for the Remix ones:

  • Apocalypses and Other Fairy Tales (Keys remix), by [livejournal.com profile] yhlee - It's Fred and Willow after the apocalypse, and they've only got each other. Another dark fairy tale, this time in Yoon's dream-like prose. I really like that Yoon doesn't forget that Fred is a woman who lived in a cave for years and that she is a survivor, not just the cute and girly love interest that she so often is on the show.

    Excerpt: Once upon a time, there lived a girl in a cave. The girl was clever and the girl was quick, and no matter what monsters came after her, the girl always got away.

  • What Will Be Told (the Gospel remix), by [livejournal.com profile] minnow1212 - I lied. Feathers, Lightsabers, and Lead wasn't my only favorite remix; this is the other. I have been waiting all week for the reveal just so I could squee about this and make other people read it! I got to beta this, which largely involved my reading every other paragraph, looking up, and then swearing, "Damnit! Why can't I write like this?"

    [livejournal.com profile] sullensiren's A Path Unvaried is an awesome story, and [livejournal.com profile] minnow1212 takes her story and adds to it so that it becomes the seed for myth and legend and folklore, which brings it right back to Sandman, which has always been about the power of Story. I love all the different narrative forms in the story -- gospel and talk show interviews and children's rhyming games. Brilliantly executed and highly recommended.

    Excerpt: Many stories are told of Prez Rickard: some documented, some plausible, some contradictory, some clearly impossible. (Some of the documented ones are false; some of the impossible ones are true. This is the way of stories.)

Remix recs

Apr. 23rd, 2007 09:42 pm
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I adore Remix. I seem to work best as a writer if I'm taking bits and pieces and mixing them all together and chucking something hopefully newish back out there; I've found I like repetition and layering and combining images. So it's naturally fun to watch other people doing the same, seeing how a story works on its own and how it works as a remix of another, seeing how a writer will take a certain image or moment from the original story and create something new and poignant and wonderful from it.

Admin notes: I started reading in reverse order, just for the heck of it. Why yes, I am one of those people whose last names start with a letter in the second half of the alphabet!

I think I've made it through all the fandoms I'm interested in; I skipped all of the Stargates and Star Treks and SPN, which is why this list is coming out so quickly.

So without further ado, [livejournal.com profile] remix_redux recs! Fandoms included are: Yami no Matsuei, XMM, VMars, Narnia, Heroes, HP, Buffy, Angel, and Bleach. Spoilers below the cut for Buffy S7 and X-Men 2.

Recs here )


Apr. 22nd, 2007 06:24 pm
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Yay! [livejournal.com profile] remix_redux is now up!

And some lovely person wrote Moshi Moshi Mochi ("In the Pink" Blues Remix) from my Crossroads and it is awesome and has green mochi!

You are all welcome to guess which one I wrote, and I will even promise a drabble, although given the rate I am writing these days, you will end up getting it two years later....

Yay! *runs off to read stuff*
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More Yuletide recs! This is a more random assortment; I may have not kept good track of all the ones that I liked.

I'm also not reccing anything I beta'd before the reveal, just because... I dunno. Just because. But rest assured, they will be fully recced afterward, because I love them muchly.

Into the Black (Heroes) - It's been odd reading Heroes fic, because I'm still figuring out the voice of the show. But I liked this one a lot. Nathan Petrelli can and can't fly.

In a Dark Wood - a retelling of Beauty and the Beast with zoology and movies. Some parts are a little too close to Robin McKinley's Beauty, but there are enough original details to make me fall in love with the same story again. And I adore the last line.

Cucumbers and Country Casuals (Bridget Jones' Diary) - *snorfle* awesome Bridget-voice. I haven't seen the second movie, so I can't say how it fits in movie canon, but the Bridget-voice really sounds like it's been taken straight from Helen Fielding's notebooks.

Rift of Touaoc (CJ Cherryh's Morgaine books) - very long, but oh so satisfying. It's on Morgaine and Vanye's relationship, but as slow and delicate and quiet as it is in the book (with much less of the confusing plot bits). The narrative voice and the character voices sound just like Cherryh, and I can't decide if I like the author's Morgaine or his/her Vanye more. They are both wonderful.

Compared to making his way into the control room, it should have been near far more complicated a business entering the archive house. But Heaven smiled on him --

do not mind me, Vanye thought severely at whatever angels might be guarding him, my lady has far more need of you

-- and the guard they had posted at the far side of the archive house was no better than any uyin of Andur-Kursh, and reacted the same to a low whistle and a tossed pebble.

The Taste of Honey (Sandman) - I usually don't like reading Sandman fic because it's so hard to live up to Gaiman's standard, but this fic does. At one point, it's a little too close to "The Sound of Her Wings" for comfort, but then... oh, the ending.

And the prose, oh, the prose.

By the time they cross the creek (Dream over the arched bridge, Death over the skipping stones) she has acquired a packet of pralines in newspaper, a cats' eye marble, a gift certificate for six free violin lessons, and a balloon shaped like a dripping thing with too many legs.
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First, someone wrote me Jin and Mugen and Fuu arguing, thank you!

I've been making my way through (hush, let's not mention the time) from the bottom up, and here are some stories that I've enjoyed so far.

Lighting the Lamps (Earthsea) - Ged and Tenar and second chances.

stone plant (a story in reverse) (Circle of Magic series) - Evvy and Briar. Briar's kingdom is plantae and his order is Rosethorn and his family is Daja and Sandry and his everything else is Tris.

a hemisphere of light (Freedom & Necessity) - It slips so neatly into the book's voice; James and Susan have a holiday with an unexpected guest. I love the Susan voice in this one.

Cioppino Royale (Good Eats) - It's Good Eats! It's just like an episode! Well, without the recipe. But it has W and random food facts and crazy plots and everything!

Jane Narf (Pinky and the Brain) - I think this is the most brilliant fic that I've read so far in the Yuletide archive, and I haven't even seen Pinky and the Brain. Read this even if you haven't, but read this especially if you've read Jane Eyre. I laughed all the way through the credits.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective (If Somewhat Unnecessarily Violent) Assassins (Neverwhere) - *snorfle* So. I make a lot of fun of business-speak, but really, this fic is so much better at it than me! The title really says it all.
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Go read [livejournal.com profile] edonohana's Autumn Gold, an incarnation that happens soon after Gaiden and is completely heartbreaking in the best sense. I've already reread it three times, and it still kills me.

And while you're there, go read Three, an incarnation that never happened, as well.


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