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I am doomed. I started reading Saiyuki Gaiden vol. 2 yesterday (read: struggled through with my half-forgotten Japanese and attempted to make sense of dialogue that was more complicated than "Stupid monkey!" and largely just ogled at the pictures). And then I started hunting down more Saiyuki fic.

OMGSQUEE Gojyo/Hakkai and Kenren/Tenpou EEEEEEEEEEEEEE OTPFOREVER!!!111!111!eleventyone! Exclamation point!

Also, guh.

Also also, I am even more doomed, because now I sort of maybe very tentatively may want to write more fic. Except, I am unused to this whole fic writing thing. So... anyone want to throw out Saiyuki fic ideas? Maybe something will take hold and I will actually write somethign.

Saiyuki has eaten my brain, like a zombie! Except hotter and with less dead, rotting smell.