Dec. 27th, 2009

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Four Conversations Song Joo Never Had and One Conversation She Did (Capital Scandal) - My gift fic, and it is awesome, awesome, awesome! It has everything I wanted from a Song Joo fic, from her friendships with Wan and Yeo Kyeong to her and Su Hyeon, along with tidbits of Korean history and freedom fighting as well! I love that the story doesn't gloss over the difficulties to come even as it dwells on happy moments. I don't have anything else to say except EEEEEEEE! MY STORY! In my fandom that I thought would never have fic in it! I love it so much! (spoilers in the fic for Song Joo backstory, spoilers in comments for the series)
But for this night—this single perfect night, she does not want to think of the Americans or the Russians. For this one night, all she wants to do is be thankful that the Japanese have surrendered and that both she and Soo Hyeon are still alive.

She Is Sun Shangxiang (赤壁/Red Cliff) - And someone wrote me a treat too! I am so happy that both of my gift fic this year are on awesome Asian women! I am always terrible at describing my gift fic because all I want to do is squee and post lots and lots of exclamation points. Anyway, it is my favorite character from the movie, and the author gets all her passion and her love for her country and her heroism!
This is what she cares about: she cares about the strength of the bow in her hands, carved and curved and humming with tension.

Witch (LJ Smith - Night World) - Poppy's twin Phil learns to deal with the Night World. It's got almost all the characters in it, and I especially love seeing the glimpses of people's lives after their books without it feeling like an overcrowded romance sequel. Also, Blaise!
The others have risked everything for love. He's going to do it for family. Including the one who's no longer human, even if she has a soulmate.

Tactical Dispositions (赤壁/Red Cliff) - This follows up on the ending of the movie and how Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu must reluctantly side against each other. Also, another duet on the qin!
"If Heaven has made Yu, why then Liang as well?" Zhou Yu interrupted sharply, growing impatient with his ruler's obstinacy.

Faces in Fire (Ann Maxwell - Fire Dancer series) - I don't remember too much of the books, but wow, this has the smouldering (sorry for the pun) UST between Kirtn and Rheba just right. I only wish there were more of it!
The gold eyes meet hers, and she feels again the rush of heat, akhenet lines smouldering in untrammelled fire, her breath caught hot in her throat as though sucked from her lungs. Carefully, Rheba reins in the heat, knowing that her Bre'n will advocate control.

Incorrigible (V.C. Andrews - Dollanganger series/Madeleine L'Engle - Kairos series) - Yes, yes you read those fandoms right. It is a crossover of Flowers in the Attic and A Swiftly Tilting Planet! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! I am probably going to hell just for reccing this. But OMG! The L'Engle pastiche is pretty good, as is the V.C. Andrews one (the "golly gosh"! The tone-deaf exposition-y dialogue!), there is a harpsicorn (you have to read it to find out), and it is hilarious! I also was torn between quoting from the fic and the author's note, which had me giggling hysterically.
Pairings are canonical. There is no Murrycest, because I am not V.C. Andrews. There is a nonhuman OC that does not participate in any shippy activity.

This was a pinch-hit. I did not upload this as a last-minute treat. Therefore I have no excuse for what I have written. I could have looked for a beta, and the beta could have talked me out of this, but noooooo.

in those that wait (L.M. Montgomery - A Tangled Web) - I've always had a giant soft spot for Hugh and Joscelyn in the book, and this is a lovely epilogue to their story.
"You must hate me."

"Bitterly," Hugh said, as he dropped a tender kiss on her forehead. "I can barely stand the sight of you." His eyes twinkled with a light that hadn’t shone for a decade, incandescent with joy.