Jan. 30th, 2012 02:51 pm
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All my fic is on AO3 under [archiveofourown.org profile] springgreen. I tend to write very sporadically for very small fandoms, now that my Saiyuki fervor has died down. My main, non-fic blog is elsewhere. I realize the connection between this account and that one is fairly obvious, but if you could not spell it out for search engines, I would greatly appreciate that.

Fanwork policy
Please feel free to remix, podfic, record, create fanart, or write fanfiction based on any of my fanworks! You don't have to let me know in advance, although I will probably squee over you effusively if you let me know you've made anything ^_^.

Circle policy
As previously noted, my main blog is elsewhere, and I do most of my reading there. I may end up doing some circle things here, but I have yet to sort that out.
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Hi people I just added to my reading list!

I probably found you from the Other LJ. This is my supposedly Sooper Sekrit LJ, although it's really not so super and not so secret, though I have been trying to avoid linking directly from this one from the other one. Mostly this is just a cursory attempt to keep RL people who read my other LJ from finding me too easily.

I lurk a lot from this one, though I alternately comment from this one or the other one, depending on how I'm logged in. Please don't feel any pressure to add me back; this is for me keeping tabs on things only, and I figure lots of people will not be interested in very-rarely-posted fic in completely obscure fandoms.

- Oyce