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I'm watching all these from the DVDs, since I didn't get to go to VVC =(. In general I'm coming in as someone who hasn't seen most of the sources, and I'm writing from a [livejournal.com profile] strangefandom sort of take. I.e. watch me attempt to piece together fandoms from vids! I watched Club Vivid vids as well, though I won't be writing those up since I have a difficult time watching all the bouncy dance vids at once.

My most unfamiliar vidded fandom this year was... Torchwood! Last year it was SPN and SGA.

The Torchwood vids )

Selected vids from DVD 1:

Premieres, first half (I think the Nearly New list is not up yet?)

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Because I am insane, I decided to try and do a tally of race and gender in this year's VVC Premieres, as seen from my DVDs. Even though I generally try to pay attention to these things, I don't think I really noticed gender or race things while watching the VVC 2006 DVDs. This time round, I paid more attention because a) [livejournal.com profile] laurashapiro has been showing some older vids so I have a better sense of the vidding world outside of Random Things I Download, b) the discussion afterward about "Women's Work" and "300," and c) [livejournal.com profile] laurashapiro talking about her Sekrit Feminist Vidding Agenda.

It was rather odd watching the 2007 premieres because they're different from most of the vids on my hard drive -- a lot more male-centric shows, for one. I didn't quite realize till now just how much I self-selected when it came to vids and TV shows. I tend to like things better when there are female protagonists or several women in the ensemble, and I tend to focus on the women more, which means I seek out vids on women more.

I am too lazy to link individual vids so I point you to: VVC 2007 Premieres first half | second half

I tallied 32 vids on the DVDs. For the male/female divide, I was a little strict. Things counted as "F" if there was a female POV and there wasn't too much about men. I counted "F/M" for vids that seemed to have fairly equal weight between the men and the women, though in some of the ensembles, the weight skewed more toward the men. I also separated out ensemble vids from romance vids. I counted "M" for vids that were from a male POV and was mostly about men.

For the POC count, I basically counted any vid in which a POC appeared on screen, so it's divided between "blink of an eye" POC appearances (just a few clips, even if it's a fairly main character of the show) and "main-ish" POC appearances, in which the POC seemed to have a fairly significant number of clips (aka, anything more than 3).

The Tally )

Analysis! )

In conclusion, I should probably do this with my VVC 2006 DVDs for comparative purposes, but I am too lazy to. Also, hopefully I will get around to posting vid impressions sometime...