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Spoilers: For the soulmate pair in Daughters of Darkness
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Summary: The Trials and Tribulations of Ash Redfern: one. Ash: zero. The road to redemption is lined with potholes.
Notes: Written for Ziho for Yuletide 2008

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Series information

Night World is a yet unfinished (argh!) series of young adult Gothic fantasy crack by LJ Smith; I devoured them when I was a teenager and pleasantly discovered that they are cracktastically rereadable recently. The premise is that there's a Night World populated by witches, vampires, werewolves, and other such creatures, and the world soon evolves to encompass soulmates and the good Night Worlders who don't despise humans and/or toy with them and/or eat them. Daughters of Darkness is the second book in the series and the best: it has a lovely sense of humor about the many tropes Smith uses, along with one incredibly self-absorbed, fatuous, and mostly evil vampire and one human girl who loves astronomy and kicking people. Unsurprisingly, they're soulmates, but more surprisingly, neither of them falls swooningly in love.

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Title: Ever After, Once Again
Rating: Er. R? Yay for blood and resurrection and shadow men.
Spoilers: For all the trilogy, but set so far in the future that it probably doesn't matter

Summary: Take one Mary Sue, make her the granddaughter of the original heroine, add in the sexy villain of the piece, stir, fold in a gratuitous ending fix, mix in angst and darkness galore, serve half done. Jenny picked the wrong guy, is all. (aka, this is a work in progress)

Notes: This is based on the Forbidden Game trilogy by LJ Smith, who used to write YA horror/romance sort of in the style of Christopher Pike. Except, with more soulmates and vampires. I used to love it I don't know why I am writing fic for this, given that me, my sister and my cousin are the only people on the planet who have read these, but... it took over my brain like alien spawn?

I like comments. A beta would be rewarded by lots of exclamation points and grovelling.

Summer doesn't understand many things about her life.

She knows she was named after Great-Aunt Summer, but she doesn't know why.

She doesn't know why her father won't talk to her grandparents, but she suspects it has to do with their haunted house. She has only visited her grandparents twice, and the second time, a chill breeze accompanied her the entire time. She mentioned it to her grandmother, and she was never allowed back again.

Summer doesn't know why her father's face freezes when he looks at her growing collection of tarot cards or her stack of fantasy books. Nor can she understand his panic attack when she buys Haindl's rune oracle, even though she already has the Haindl tarot deck.

She thinks it has something to do with the white scars on his back.

Summer doesn't know why her grandparents hate each other. They still live in their perpetually cold house together, but they never talk.

She doesn't understand why her father still won't let her go out with friends after sunset, even though she is twenty. She cannot date boys who have not met her father and both grandparents, even though none of them talk to each other anymore. She doesn't know why she grew up without Monopoly, Risk, Snakes and Ladders, or any of the other board games her friends had.

Summer doesn't know why she sometimes believes there are eyes watching her all the time. She thinks this started after her second visit to her grandparents' place. Somehow, she knows the eyes are blue.

She wonders why the Devil crosses her in every tarot reading she has ever received.

Summer is about to find out.

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