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First, someone wrote me a remix of one of my first pieces! Go read Chancing Happiness (The Red, Red Wine Remix), which is a Hakkai/Gojyo story that nicely explores Gojyo's side of things and has the two broken people that I love.

I wrote:

Spoilers: Through volume 3 of the manga and episode 12 of the anime
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Summary: "We, amnesiacs all, condemned to live in an eternally fleeting present, have created the most elaborate of human constructions, memory, to buffer ourselves against the intolerable knowledge of the irreversible passage of time and the irretrieveability of its moments and events." - Geoffrey Sonnabend
Notes: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] etothey for the beta and [livejournal.com profile] xsmoonshine for writing in this tiny fandom!

Read Obliscence and the Plane of Experience (the Rememory Remix)

Some commentary, same spoilers as for the fic

The title and quote are from an exhibit at the Museum of Jurassic Technology, one of the most surreal experiences ever. I thought Ginko would get a laugh out of it, if nothing else.

I was debating between remixing this fic or a Hero one and decided to go with Mushishi, as my remix for the other would have ended up being more on Chinese poetry and possibly ghosts and building of the Great Wall of China and have had next to nothing to do with the original movie.

I knew I wanted to do something about the fish and Ginko, as on a reread of vol. 3, I realized that Ginko was doomed to turn into a Tokoyami! And he didn't know this! Also, the amnesia haunts me, and I constantly want to fix it, even though giving him back his memories would have been cheating. Then I got stuck for weeks, as I needed an actual plot, which I suck at.

While chatting with [livejournal.com profile] edonohana about how Gundam Wing inspired all sorts of fiction (original, on her part), I joked that I needed to have the voices of outer space in my fic. And that became the mushi of the week, which eventually turned into another phase of the Tokoyami mushi, which I realized would move into the retired mushishi's village, to draw in more of the original fic.

I didn't realize until later that Ginko had brought the Tokoyami and GInko mushi with him, because he the one who affects people and places, sometimes adversely, and manages to walk away unscathed and unchanged. The remix itself is a commentary on how sometimes you can't revisit things, how places change and people die and some memories can't be restored.
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