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Birthdate:Jul 23
Location:California, United States of America
This is my fannish journal. Here's a small explanation of this LJ, including who I not-so-secretly am, friends-locked just to keep RL people from finding me. Not that it's that tough, but still.

If you do know me in RL or suspect that you do, I'd very much appreciate it if you kept my personal details offline.

I currently write fan fiction for many fandoms, the most prevalent currently being Saiyuki. I tend to write for completely obscure sources or sources with very small or completely non-existent fandoms; I am not quite sure why. I don't tend to be active in that many fandoms, though I am obsessed with quite a few anime and manga series, several TV shows, and an untold multitude of books.

I keep insanely organized LJ Memories and tags, because I'm obsessive-compulsive like that.

Admin notes: I currently friend back everyone who friends me, although I sometimes filter my reading just to try and get stuff done in real life (the pesky thing!). I also tend to comment with this account or my main account, depending on which I'm logged in to at the time. Hopefully I will be good enough to remember and note who I am to cut down on confusion!

Also, please don't feel the need to add me back and feel free to drop me off whenever; I really don't mind.
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