Dec. 31st, 2009

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And Gladly Teach (Kristin Cashore - Graceling) - Graceling fic! I love getting more of Katsa/Po, particularly how the two of them are learning each other's Graces more. And politics! A believable look at what the future may hold for the two of them and how they're trying to negotiate the new world they've partially helped set up.
The next morning Katsa watched two children demonstrate how to stab each other, and had never been happier.

Thousand Voices, One Fight (Janelle Monae - Metropolis) - So far, one of my favorite stories from this Yuletide. I love the resistance and the fight and the struggle and how the author keeps tying it back to our own history, I love the reclamation of the color black, I love how the fight continues on and how it's about all these people speaking or staying silent and continually struggling. And oh, those last two paragraphs are absolutely perfect.
Your ancestors sang in the plantations. They danced after the sun went down. They would not be silenced.

Strange Language (Song of Ice and Fire) - I don't remember the character of Missandei from the books at all, but this is her story, from slave to translator, and Dany's as well. I love the two women together and the way it is about trying to make your way in a hostile world and having to make all the difficult choices simply to survive. And I love the understanding the two have at the end, former slave and queen both struggling, but now with another ally.
It was harder to learn to be free than it had been to learn to be a slave. The rules were less clear.

Revisionism (Princess Tutu) - I thought it would be hard to get more meta than the series itself, and yet, someone has! A new version of Drosselmeyer's "The Prince and the Raven" has been found, and the D. D. Dosselmeyer Literary Institute has a special article in their newsletter on what this new addition to the canon means, with quotes from some familiar characters.
Rejoice, aficionados, and gather 'round! -- it is with the utmost pleasure that we of the D.D. Drosselmeyer Literary Institute announce the discovery of a new manuscript.

The Loved Girl (A Portrait in Tabloids) (Skip Beat) - I so hope the manga takes this path! Sho, Ren, and Kyoko are all in the same drama, and Kyoko's having a bit of a hard time portraying her character. What follows is acting advice, Kyoko being clueless, and Ren and Yashiro both being long suffering, just like the canon.
It is Josei Seven's best selling issue of the year, and on the morning when it officially reaches the newsstands, LME's head offices receive an unprecedented amount of calls asking for verification or denial (or any comment at all) regarding Ren and Kyoko's suspected relationship.

Area Codes (Skip Beat) - I'm still so glad last year's Yuletide story made me start reading Skip Beat again. This has Kyoko's giant sparkly eyes, Moko being long suffering and annoyed, and a lot of phone calls. I love the friendship between the two girls so much.
Kanae gapes at her phone. "You're the heroine of a manga, aren't you?"

Color All Days Blue, But Save One for Many Colors (Flowers in the Attic/Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series) - Bwahahahaha! Another Flowers in the Attic crossover! Only this time with Nalini Singh of all things!
Once I thought hope was yellow, like the sunlight we never saw.

Bloom (Paradise Kiss) - Paradise Kiss fic! And starring Isabella too! This is quiet and lovely, and I'm so glad Isabella at last gets her own story.
Ten years and lots of bleeding in between (figuratively, except when they run out of thimbles); ten years, and still more to come, Isabella knows.

all your heart-melodies (Lilo & Stitch) - LOVE. Bittersweet and then just plain sweet, and I love grown-up Lilo. LOVE.
Stitch shows her how to build plasma guns (Nani puts them on a high shelf), how to rig up a can opener and a radio into a machine that will open a portal to an alternate universe (Nani says she can't do it in the house) and how to first swallow and then regurgitate useful objects, like handcuff keys or quarters (Nani, though disgusted, can't help but be impressed).

I Cannot Promise (Robin McKinley - Deerskin) - Quiet and gentle and a wonderful epilogue to the book.
And slowly, but surely, those raw edges healed, a little crookedly, like Ash's wound, inexpertly stitched and still painful to the touch, but healed nonetheless, and Lissar was more and more comfortable in her role in the castle.