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Hopefully this will be the first batch of recs; i.e. hopefully I will actually post more recs later.

I am really missing Dark Agenda and Chromatic Yuletide; I feel like the amount of non-Western fandoms has dropped precipitously, and I feel really bad for requesters who ask for non-Western fandoms and get defaulted on, because those requests seem to get snatched up slowest on the pinch hit list =(. This is, btw, not a complaint to the [community profile] dark_agenda mods, who are terribly overworked with Kaleidoscope alone, but just a general complaint about the trend I am seeing, since it means less fic for me.

Revelation (Angel Sanctuary) - (warning for canon-level gore and imagery) FOR MEEEEE!!!! My beloved Angel Sanctuary has fic this year! And it is a rewrite of Biblical Revelations! With six-headed machines of death and over-the-top language that is just like Yuki Kaori art and the world and details about the battle between Heaven and Hell, complete with horsemen and the seven sins. The "over-the-top," by the way, is totally a plus, given that it is ANGEL SANCTUARY. I cackled with delight while reading descriptions of organs dripping blood and deadly immortal swords and jezebel eyes. *pets story and fandom*

Dreams from My Mother (Black Jewels trilogy) - (warning for canon levels of sexual violence) I always want dark fic that doesn't cross into angsty h/c land for this fandom, since it is already so idtastic in itself, and I am so happy to get a meaty story for Wilhelmina. This shows her as her own person, separate from Jaenelle, growing into her own strength, and it fleshes out her dead mother, which was something I've never thought of wondering about and am really glad someone else did.

The Rube Suit (Glitch) - Oh Glitch, I miss you! This probably hit me hardest out of all the fic this year, just because my game closed =(. I love the explanation for the Rube, along with all the details of the world that somehow fit in the bizarre Glitch recipes and resources while feeling just right, and the longing of all the Glitchen for Ur so echoes my own.

Kushiel's Fall (Kushiel's Legacy) - Great grumpy Favrielle voice, with a great romance to boot. I actually really want to read more about Favrielle and Julien now. And I really like how the fic deals with the ideas of ugliness and beauty that are never quite satisfactorily addressed in the books, and I so heart the costume choices.

Humans Can Become Anything (Monster) - Runge fic! There's a quietness to most post-Monster fic that I like, and this is no different. I particularly love how Runge's calculating mind still works the same way, but that he's also learning to apply it to things like cooking and his family, and I am so happy to see how Grimmer's influence is still being felt.

Die ente magd (Princess Tutu) - The Princess Tutu characters are now in the Goose Girl, and Rue in particular gets her due. So happy to get a Rue fic where all the characters are fighting for her, and this weaves the meta into the fairy tale in a way that feels very organic to the fic. I also have a soft spot for this, since Goose Girl was one of my favorite fairy tales growing up, and I love what the fic does with the ending.

The Yellow Rose of Mystery & Other Wonders of the World (Shoujo Kakumei Utena) - UTENA! Back in Yuletide, WHOO! This is my favorite of the batch, though just having 7 (SEVEN!) stories to choose from is BEST. I love this one for the wonderful Nanami and Anthy voices, as well as all the shoutouts to various cracktastic Nanami episodes.

Songs for the Jingwei Bird (Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio, Chinese Mythology) - A lovely set of stories about transformation and imagination that feel very much like the story about Zhuangzi dreaming about being a butterfly, and the ending was unexpected and wonderful.

2011 Yuletide:

Having the Constitution for It (Enchanted Forest Chronicles) - I think I found this via [personal profile] kate_nepveu. Also, yay fantasy story that relinquishes the monarchy for a republic! And I love how all the characters go about doing it, and the final results.

Also, I am a terrible person who defaulted (fandom proved too difficult for me to write, sigh) and then wrote a full-length treat and a Madness treat. Feel free to guess re: me and others. I'm not sure I've found anyone's yet...

a rec for you in return

Date: 2012-12-28 08:51 pm (UTC)
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Since you're missing Chromatic Yuletide...

Captain's Orders (1151 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Dead Isle - Sam Starbuck
Rating: Not Rated
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Purva de la Fitte, Clare Fields

Purva and Clare have to find Ellis medicine before the fever takes over, and Clare realizes she is not as clear sighted as she thought.

Bookmarker's Notes:

A richly imagined missing sequence from canon from the perspective of Purva de la Fitte that has both Purva and Clare practically leaping off the page. Highly recommended for its deft handling of canonical subtext and themes of privilege and institutional racism, as well as being just plain fun. (With a spot-on Purva as narrator, how could it be otherwise?)

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Date: 2012-12-28 09:56 pm (UTC)
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You could enjoy it without knowing canon, but it would be even better if you do have a chance to read the book, which itself has some really interesting things going on especially in the second half re: how it deals with themes of colonialism, racism, and steampunk adventure. (You can get a free pdf straight from the author, [personal profile] copperbadge, if you're interested - I highly recommend it.)

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Date: 2012-12-28 10:19 pm (UTC)
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And here are two recs featuring a non-Western fandom, not just a non-Western POV character - two Tanabata-related stories (Chinese Mythology) via my friend [livejournal.com profile] lnhammer.

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Date: 2012-12-29 03:52 am (UTC)
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The "Prelude" is the better of the two, but neither is as good as "Songs for the Jingwei Bird."

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I loved "The Rube Suit" so much! It togged at my little black heartstrings.

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Oo, Monster. I'll bookmark that one to read. Thanks.