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Dear Yuletide writer,

YAY! I am sure whatever you do will be awesome.

I am more in the mood for world-building type stories right now, but really, I am just curious to see what you come up with for any of the prompts.

Angel Sanctuary
I am totally here for crazy worldbuilding speculation! I'm really curious about Hell and what goes on in there before Alexiel is reincarnated as Setsuna, or what things were like before Alexiel rebelled, or during the rebellion. War stories! Angels on different sides! Giant drama! Zombie eyeball armadas! Also, the ending of the series still makes no sense to me, so anything that makes it make sense would be awesome.

For particular characters: I am pretty much interested in all the Heaven/Hell characters, with special interest in Kurai, the Mad Hatter, Sephiroth, and Barbiel. Please note I don't require any of them in the fic, this is just as a prompt!

For Mad Hatter: maybe something about being Belial once? Something about zir gender presentation?

For Kurai: something with Mad Hatter and her time as Lucifer's bride? Something about being the last person of the ruling family of the Gehenna? What happens to her after the series?

I think I pretty much got everything in the sign up letter. This is seriously one of my favorite pieces of crack in any genre or medium, so please do not feel limited by my kind of random prompts! I've read the entire series.

Inheritance Trilogy - N.K. Jemisin

Shahar Arameri

I really just want to know more about her. More about her relationship with her mother? More about the complicated relationship with Deka, given how they're both multiracial but one has darker skin than the other? More about being heir? More about the time putting the kingdoms back together before the very end of the book?

I love all the intrigue and plotting in this trilogy, and I was a little sad to find out that even though the back cover copy of Kingdom of Gods focuses on Shahar, most of the book is actually from Sieh's POV. I've read all the books in the trilogy.

Santa Olivia - Jacqueline Carey

This is another worldbuilding one! I started Saints Astray and missed the post-apocalyptic, claustrophobic feel of the first book. Something about Loup post-book, trying to find out more about herself? Something about the supersoldiers? Something about what's actually going on with Mexico and the US? We get such a narrow view of the world because Santa Olivia is so cordoned off from everything; I'd love to know more of what is/was/will be going on.

I've read the first book, but only a few chapters of Saints Astray. I'm fine with you using both books for canon or ignoring the second book, whichever works better.