Oct. 29th, 2010

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Lonesome Eden (also 沙夢/Sha Meng/Sand Dreams) by 南宮燠/Nan Gong Yu/Nankongyuu* is a single-volume manhua by a Taiwan manhuajia. It's about a life-sized doll who lives by itself in a beautiful garden tended by God**. But one day, the doll gets lonely and asks God for a companion...

This is one of the first Taiwan manhua that I found, and I picked it up based on the cover art, which is slightly Gothy and very lush, and on the brief plot description above. The interior art is just as gorgeous, and it reminds me a lot of CLAMP (especially X) and Yuki Kaori. You can tell the manhuajia loves loves loves loligoth, but that's ok, because so do I! Also, unlike a lot of CLAMP and Yuki Kaori, although the trappings are very idtastic, the content and storyline are very melancholy and bittersweet, about love and loss and no over-the-top zombies or cannibalism or whatnot.

Also, you should read it because it is only one volume!

Also also, I have an extra copy of the manhua that I will give to the first person who wants it! It is in Chinese, and the spine is extremely broken, although all the pages and the cover are fine and uncreased. Comment if you'd like it!

* She romanizes her name as the latter, the pinyin romanization is the former.
** There's some vaguely Christian references, such as a few crosses, angel wings, and cathedral-like architecture, but no textual references to the Bible.