Oct. 13th, 2010

springgreen: (Default)
Eeeeeee! Yuletide nominations!

I am going to nominate Angel Sanctuary, Meljean Brook's Guardian series, and Jay Chou's music video of Qing Hua Ci, but I am coming up blank for other stuff! People! What should I nominate? What are you nominating? Trading and bargaining completely acceptable!

(OMG it is so good knowing that this year, I will not be desperately trying to write papers and finish final projects while also trying to write my Yuletide fic!)

Also the new fandom eligibility rules are kind of strange, especially for those of us who play more in the anime/manga sphere of things, which is definitely one of the less populated areas of AO3. So... will they whack down Fruits Basket or Vampire Knight, which have 40-70 stories in the archive? Inquiring minds would like to know!