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This is the year in which I defaulted on my assignment and wrote two last-minute treats.

A Prelude to the Adventures of the Boatperson of Heaven is a Chinese mythology fic based on the story of Qixi, written for [archiveofourown.org profile] lnhammer. I loved his prompt, which was to ask about the boatman who in some story variants ferries the Cowherd to see the Weaver every Qixi, and kind of took it and ran. I had a ton of fun writing this and have totally handwaved any chronology errors by hoping that time in Heaven runs a bit differently.

Dreams of Flesh and Blood is a Black Jewels fic written for [archiveofourown.org profile] Morbane, who wanted to know about landen or less powerful Blood in the universe. I love this, since that what I want to know about the world (that, and I just want more fic that toys with the rules of the world, like same-sex romances and genderqueer characters and etc.). This is just a slip of a fic, but it was nice going back to the idtastic source I loved in high school and messing with it.

I think Yuletide is not really for me any more. I didn't sign up in 2011 because I was annoyed at AO3's promises and lack of fulfillment thereof for Kaleidoscope, and I noticed there were a lot fewer non-Western fandoms both nominated and with stories, but thought I'd try again this year. Alas, it feels as though the number of non-Western fandoms has gotten even smaller, and it was rather depressing going through all the recs linked to on the Yuletide comm that had none or only one non-Western fandom listed. (Hopefully I am not just saying this because I had a horse in the race, aka my own story...)

There is a lot of nostalgia and good feelings there, but it's not really a nostalgia I'm particularly connected to, and given how few fandoms I clicked on in the Yuletide archive, it's probably just time to let go and be casual acquaintances. Alas! But at least there is Kaleidoscope!

Also, I suspect I should just start writing original fiction now, since nearly all the fic I have written in the past two years or so have been original characters or barely-mentioned canon characters fleshed out, and nearly all the prompts I have been drawn to are about extrapolating from the world of the source to something fairly new and different.
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