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Now that I have an ereader, I find I've been reading more long fic than I have since probably high school.

So, rec me stuff! And feel free to rec things from around 2000 till now. I think I read a lot of long fic in Rurouni Kenshin, GWing, and XF, but I stopped after that.

I am more interested in long, gen-type stuff, particularly exploring consequences of world building or character development. I am also feeling more like reading gen, het, or femslash and generally am not interested in most of the big pairings.

Badass female characters and/or badass characters of color double plus good.

Notable fandoms I am unfamiliar with: Star Trek, SG-1, SPN, SV (what is it with the s's?), Prince of Tennis, Due South, Highlander, HikaGo, YYH, Dr. Who, pretty much all RPF, Farscape, Hetalia, non-GWing Gundam, non-X-Men Marvelverse, non-Batman-DC-verse, Inuyasha, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh, DBZ, WK, and probably a lot of other stuff I forgot to mention that shows I have had my head in a ditch for the past decade.

Go forth and rec!
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