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Hi pinch hitter! You are awesome for pinch hitting, especially for such a tight deadline! I also know my fandoms are really obscure, so if none of the prompts or whatnot work for you, just go with whatever lets you write in the time span.

I guess additional information.... um. I'm up through vol. 3 of Grand Guignol Orchestra, but I'm betting if you have spoilers for later bits, I will a) not be able to tell what parts are the spoilers and what parts are your story or b) words are so inadequate to describe Yuki Kaori scenes that it won't matter anyway! I have seen Bride with White Hair 2, so you can refer to it if you want, but I mostly think of it as fanfic or pretend it doesn't exist, so you can also ignore it!

Anyway, I cheer you on and thank you!
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