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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I am sure I will love whatever you have to offer. Also, if the prompts I tried to put into the form don't work for you, please feel free to discard them and write what you want to.

If you are the kind of author who likes working from prompts/likes stalking your recipient (I do too!), here's more detail. But if you aren't, please skip over it!

I read gen, femslash, slash, and het, all flavors from very explicit to hinted at to not there at all. I tend to love the female characters the most, and I'm trying to do this year. More POC in Yuletide, yay!

Capital Scandal (Cha Song-Joo)
I love Cha Song-Joo SO MUCH! I would love something that's on the amazing UST between her and Lee Soo-Hyeon, or a Five Things That Never Happened. Or something about her past in Russia. Or a cute friendship fic with her and Wan, or her and Yeo-Kyeong. Really, anything would be good!
I wrote up the series here. As you can tell, I love the outfits, I love the almost-noir, I love the UST. I would love something with a lot of Korean history in it, to take the candy-colored coating off the kdrama.

Angel Sanctuary (Any)
Since there are a fair amount of Lucifer and Alexiel stories out there now, I would love something about Kurai, or the Mad Hatter, or Barbiel (Raphael's tough female lieutenant who looks like she would take no crap from him). What's life like in Hell? What about Kurai's time between meeting Alexiel and meeting Setsuna? Why does Barbiel stick around Raphael? Or anything with the Mad Hatter! And if none of that works for you, I still adore Alexiel and Lucifer and Setsuna and Sara and Kira and company! I'd love to know what happens after the series as well.
I wrote this up here. I love the cracktastic worldbuilding and a corrupt Heaven and a human Hell, I love the history and the reincarnations, I love how lush and overwrought everything is.

Red Cliff (Sun Shangxiang)
The princess who has her own bevy of warrior maids! How could she not be awesome? I would love anything about her, from her relationship with her brother, or her relationship with Xiao Ciao, or even the hints of a relationship she seems to have with Zhuge Liang. Or if you're up for going beyond the movie, it'd be great seeing an interpretation of what happens after.
If you decide to go for romance with this (and I'm good with het or femmeslash), I'd prefer it to be less graphic, or just hinted at. Or hey, write about one of her maids if you like! Mostly I want the POV of the women in the movie.

L.J. Smith - Night World (Any)
I would love something for my inner thirteen year old that my current self wouldn't wince at. My favorites are Jez and the characters from Daughters of Darkness, and I especially love DoD's take on story cliches and the way it's funny instead of dark and angsty. Or go the opposite and do the completely dystopic and apocalyptic! What happens if Circle Daybreak fails? What about an AU where the Night World never had to go underground? Or feel free to play with the soulmate idea and completely break it apart. What happens if you hate your soulmate? What if you're just indifferent?
As you can tell, I'm fine for people not following canon here! Especially the canon prose style ;). I'm also fine with OCs, fic about the past, fic about the future, dystopic fic, anything you can think of! I love the world with the passion of the adolescent who read these, but I'm also interested in taking it and mixing it up and growing it up.

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