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Dear Doer of Darkness

Hi! I love you, you are awesome! The following details are really only if a) you enjoy reading other people's Doer of Darkness letters or b) you want inspiration of some sort. Honestly, all the fandoms in Kaleidoscope are so teeny weeny and have so few fanworks that I heart you already for just volunteering to do stuff with it.

I got fanart last year, and that has totally whetted my appetite for more! I kind of have no idea what I'm doing when I make art requests, because I'm not an artist myself. That said, I like a lot of styles, from super cute and chibi to super realistic. I was going to say super chibi may not work with some of the fandoms, but you never know. If you think it works, go for it.

Content-wise, I am a fan of het, slash, femslash, and gen, as long as no one is de-queered. Queering up characters very welcome ^_^. Also, since this is Kaleidoscope, I suspect it is a given, but I'm not a fan of whitewashing, or making oppressed identities into privileged ones, though vice versa is cool. I think I went for a combo of worldbuilding and squee this year; Bayou and Night Wanderer and Dreamblood for worldbuilding, Nemu Nemu and Peking Opera Blues for squee.

Italicized stuff from my request. (You can so tell how I am running out of time and ideas by the end...)

Bayou (Comic) (Fanart, Fanfiction, any character)

I just want more in the world! I love the mix of mythology and real-world politics and how creepily and effectively Love combines them. I think I'd prefer something with more of the mythology than just Jim Crow South, since hey, depressing, but given the source, I suspect whatever's done here will be pretty hard hitting, so go for it! I would really also love icons or something for my journal in terms of graphics, or just... more of the world in terms of fan art.

Also, if you want to go and expand the world and do Love-style mythology + real-world politics with completely original or historical characters not featured in the comic, seriously, go ahead. Art-wise, I love how you can see the underlying sketches, I love the dream-like style. I think I'd love anything more in the world, from new characters/creatures you make up to another strip to Lee being awesome. I'd prefer nothing too bloody?

I've read volume one.

Dòu máah dáan | 刀馬旦 | Peking Opera Blues (1986) (Cou Wan | 曹雲 | Tsao Wan, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvids, Graphics)

I really really really really really want anything with Tsao Wan because Brigitte Lin is the best! Preferably it'd have the other two women as well, all of them being kickass together (during or after the movie), but her backstory or anything would be great too. Graphics/art-wise, Brigitte Lin being hot and awesome! OMG her cross-dressing outfits are all the best, from the military uniforms to the foppish stuff.

I would love having an icon set from the movie, particularly given all the awesome Brigitte Lin and the femslashy trio. Other thoughts stolen from my request last year: reset the movie IN SPACE! Or as a historical wuxia movie! Brigitte Lin in great clothes!

Dreamblood Duology - N. K. Jemisin (Tiaanet, Sunandi, Fanfiction)

I love the world a lot for the worldbuilding. I really wish we got more about Tiaanat in Shadowed Sun, particularly what happens to her after, and I love everything we see of Sunandi.

Other things that would be cool would be more of the Banbarra, scenes from Kisuati-held Gujaareh, scenes from Hananja's temple, what happens with women in the temple post-Hanani, what life as a Sister is like, life in Kisua, etc.

I've read both books.

Nemu Nemu (Comic) (Nemu, Anpan, Fanart, Fanvids, Graphics)

The pups are so cute! I kind of really want icons for my journal, especially of Anpan and his very expressive eyebrows, but really, anything pups is great. Um. I feel like I should write more for this, except it's mostly just "PUPS! SO CUTE!"

For people who don't know what this is: have a link! It's a free webcomic. I, uh, haven't been reading it lately. Mostly I just go for a hit of cute. Also, I still have nothing to add to this except: CUTE!

Night Wanderer - Drew Hayden Taylor (Fanart, Fanfiction)

Art-wise, I think I'd love something with Pierre and things from his past and being Anishinaabe and being so far from home. Ditto with fic, or something with Tiffany's grandmother. I love the book for the sense of the history and the really cool way Taylor takes on vampire mythology with First Nations stuff.

My favorite bits of the book are the bits of living history, of remembering and forgetting and dying out and keeping things alive. And I know this is a fic-heavy challenge, but I wanted to emphasize how awesome it would to get art of this as well, especially given all the history and art styles and etc. to draw upon. Collage? Something less scenic and more impressionistic? I don't know.
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Hah! You have a WHOLE 'NOTHER HOUR to do your sign-ups!
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You know Kaleidoscope people irl? *is jealous* Also, you go to better parties than I do.